German Language Course A2 in Talisay City, Tagbilaran and Online

German Language Course A2 Cebu City Tagbilaran and Online, PhilippinesThe German Language Course A2 bases on the basic knowledge of the German Language Course A1 and competes and enlarges the knowledge and the ability in usage the German language.

The German Language Course A2 will also refresh and/or build up your existing knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. On completion of this level you will be able to ...

German Language Course A2Understand and use frequently used expressions concerning areas of everyday life, e.g. you are able to give information about yourself and your family

German Language Course A2Communicate in simple routine situations during which you have to directly exchange information on familiar subjects

Describe with the aid of simple means your own background and education and your immediate environment and needs

Go shopping, describe your work and close environment

German Language Course A2 Description & Prerequisite

Course Objective
Preparation for the ÖSD A2 Level Exam

Course Inclusion
Cultural Orientation
Cultural Information and Activities
Course advice(one-on-one talk with teacher/s regarding the course) 
Audios be used for listening comprehension

Course Prerequisite
German Language Course A1 or basic knowledge of German

Duration, Materials & Seating Capacity

Course Duration
About 8 - 10 weeks

Total Course Units
135 Units (~ 90-110 hours)

1 Unit
45 Minutes

Course Materials (included in the course fee)
Books German Language A2

Start Dates, Fees & Cancellation

Course Start Dates 2021
On request --> joining a running course A1-B2

Course Fee (includes course materials)
Php 30,000.00 per Participant

In case of a cancellation all associated costs and expenses for a refund are charged to the customer / deducted from the refund

For more information
Please call the office or send us an email

For reservation
Please use our online course registration form

Talisay City

HDC - German Knowledge Sprachzentrum / ÖSD Exam Center
"First Chinese Royal Academy"
1670 Ernesto Bascon St, Dumlog
6045 Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

Cellphone: +63 929 348 3385 / +63 915 462 8041
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tagbilaran City

HDC - German Knowledge Sprachzentrum
Mrs. Myrna C. Walter
3rd Flr. "JA Penthouse"
Espuelas St. corner F. Doria St.
6300 Tagbilaran City, Philippines

Phone: +63 32 512 0254
Cellphone: +63 921 923 1221 / +63 915 462 8041
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.