German Language Course Nurses A1 to B2 Cebu City and Tagbilaran

German for NursesAre you a BSN.RN. (Filipina/Filipino) and do you want to get a job as a nurse in a hospital abroad - in Germany, Switzerland or Austria? With the German Language Course Nurses A1 to B2 we offer you the opportunity to get these prerequisites to work abroad. This course offers the contents of A1, A2, B1 and B2.

It pass on the basic knowledge to increase up to a fluent speaking. It leads you up to the B2 - level in one course! The Certificate B2 is recognized in many countries as an initial requirement for studying German or any occupation in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

The exam can be taken at the ÖSD Examination Center in Cebu City or Manila and will testify that you are able to...

Ok Follow the main content of specific and abstract topics and obtain relevant information from them (i.e. radio broadcasts)

Ok Understand a wide range of texts, both shorter simple texts (such as advertisements) and longer, more complex factual texts, commentaries and reports

Ok Express yourself clearly and in a structured way in writing on the subject of complex matters and also correct mistakes in texts written by other people

Ok Give clearly structured oral comments on general subjects and topics of particular interest to you

Ok Take an active part in discussions on subjects you know about, taking up a position and presenting your own point of view

German Language Course Nurses Objective, Duration & Prerequisite

Course Objective
Completing the existing knowledge and increase up to a fluent speaking
Preparation for the ÖSD B2 Level Exam

Course Duration
About 10 month (ca. 950 units =  ca. 720 hours)

Course Prerequisite

German Language Course Nurses Start Dates & Fees

Course Start Dates
 If there are 5 candidates the new course will start at any time

Course Fee (includes course materials)
Php 125,000.00 per participant (it includes a promo of Php 15,000.00)

Employment Agency Financing Process
1. Costs borne by the student
- Down-payment during the enrollment: at least Php 10,000.00
- Partial payment after 1 month: Php 10,000.00
- Partial payment after 2 months: Php 10,000.00

2. All further course costs will be borne by the Employment Agency
- Requirement: Internal A1 Exam successful passed and positive evaluation results after personal interview with the employment agency

3. After successful passing the B2 exam and visa application processed the initial costs (see pos. 1) will be refund by the agency

For more information
Please call the office or send us an email

For reservation
Please use our online course registration form

Important! The costs for the exam are not included in the course fee and have to be paid at least 6 weeks before the examination date and within 3 working days after registration.

Cebu City

HDC - German Knowledge Sprachzentrum
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P. Burgos St. corner Osmena Blvd.
Cebu City, Philippines, 6000

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Tagbilaran City

HDC - German Knowledge Sprachzentrum
Mrs. Myrna C. Walter
3rd Flr. "JA Penthouse"
Espuelas St. corner F. Doria St.
Tagbilaran City, Philippines, 6300

Phone: +63 32 512 0254
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