Learning German in Cebu City, Philippines

Welcome, Willkommen, Mabuhay ...these are some of the languages spoken at GKS

Higly educated and qualified teachers - especially native speakers - will teach you in all those languages you are interested in. We give you the opportunity to get the certificate A1 of the Goethe-Institut Manila - the requirement for your visa application. We teach or improve your knowledge in these languages English, Visayan or Tagalog if you are interested.

German Language Courses

Image FrontpageSo you already have some perfectly good reasons for learning German? Are you interested in the German language and/or German culture or you need to learn the language wanting to relocate your life to Germany - in any case we will help you to find the right course.

German Basic Course A1German Basic Course A1 is a course designed to assess an elementary knowledge of German. It is suitable for both adults as well as young people from the age of 16 onwards and is a good preparation to get the certificate A1 of Goethe Institut in Manila. This certificate is a prerequisite among others for a successful visa application for family reunion or marriage in Germany.

German Basic Course A2German Basic Course A2 is the course , if you already have acquired some knowledge of the German language and are interested to refresh and/or build up your existing knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The main focus of that course is going to be a good basic knowledge in daily conversation usage as well as in reading and writing comprehension.

German Course B1German Course Level B1 is based on the knowledge of A1 and A2 with the aims completing the existing knowledge and to increasing up to a fluent speaking.

German Course B2German Course Level B2 - The course objective is the preparation for the Exam B2 of Goethe-Institut Manila which is is recognized in many countries as an initial requirement for studying German.

Visayan Language Courses

Cebuano/Visayan CourseCebuano/Visayan Course - If you are interested in or if you are living here and want to understand the people then get to know Cebuano, the "lingua franca" of the Visayan and Mindanao Islands in the Philippines.

Interested? For more courses and information check out our website or contact us via email form or telephone.

HDC German Knowledge Sprachzentrum is Examination Center

NEW OF IMPORTANCE - HDC German Knowledge Sprachzentrum is ÖSD Examination Center

Starting October 2016 students in the Philippines can pass their German Examination A1, A2, B1 and B2 in Cebu City at the HDC German Knowledge Sprachzentrum.

ÖSD stands for "Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch" (Austrian German Language Diploma), as well as "Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland" (Austria, Switzerland, Germany). The using of the names of the three countries indicates the pluricentric nature of the exams, as well as recognizing the standard variations of the German language in the three different countries.

For more information about ÖSD you can visit the website http://www.osd.at/


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